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We are proud to introduce the Northrup Knee Walker, a mobility device to help you reclaim your lifestyle while recovering from your foot / ankle injury or surgery. The combination of tool free assembly, ergonomic knee pad, top notch braking system, simple collapse mechanism, 20cm wheels and complimentary basket make the Northrup Knee Walker the best mobility option of its kind. This knee scooter combines stability & comfort to have you back in motion in no time.

- Tool free assembly
- Ergonomic knee pad
- Complimentary basket
- 20cm wheels
- Simple collapse mechanism
- Offset knee pad for added stability


Overall length: 60cm
Handlebar Adjusted Height Range: 79 - 104cm
Overall height handlebar folded: 28cm
Knee rest height range: 43 - 58cm
Weight: 10 kg
Front axel width: 43cm
Stopping; and locks when needed


Easy Assembly

Words From A Medical Professional

How the rental process works

  • Find the knee walker thatís right for you and order through our secure site or by calling us. We have a team of experts that care standing by to help you.


  • With facilities on the east and west coast and same day shipping available, weíll deliver right to your home or office in no time.


  • Use your knee walker for as long as you need it. Donít worry if you pass your rental end date, we will put you on our monthly autobilling system so you can focus on recovering.


  • When you are fully recovered, simply repackage the knee walker, attach the provided return label and drop it off at your nearest FedEx location, or call us to schedule a pickup for you.


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Northrup Knee Walker 4.5 out of 5 based on 58 ratings. 58 user reviews.
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Very Impressed!

The last thing I wanted after rupturing my achiles tendon was to stumbled around on crutches and not be able to move around. So I was obviously relieved when one of the trainers at my physical therapy recommended this knee walker. This thing is easy to get around on and just plain cool. Itís generally not fun to be laid up, but the knee walker is making me feel like a kid again.

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So much better than crutches!

Surgery on my foot had me hobbling around for a number of weeks. As an athlete, I thought I'd be fine on crutches. Fast forward just a couple of days, I was miserable. My palms were bruised and my armpits were rubbed raw. Enter Knee Walker. What a difference!! Not only was it pain free it was also made me faster than when I could walk! And, it's super fun.

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A World of Difference!

I tore my Achilles tendon and had surgery to repair it. Of course, no weight on the foot and I was sentenced to crutches. I was mentally and emotionally devastated by how limiting the crutches were around the house and office. Plus my heavy frame didn't make crutches any easier. I took to the internet and discovered this alternative. Wow, wow, wow! Thanks for helping me get my mobility back while I recover and lifting my spirits. I can be helpful at home and productive at work. And it's durable too. I accidentally sent my knee walker down a small set of stairs with no damage. This great product got me back on my feet while complying with the no weight directive.

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Back to Work

When I slipped on icy steps and had surgery to repair broken foot bones, my surgeons's office handed me a brochure for the Knee Walker. I was a bit skeptical that this would work for me because I had a knee joint replacemeent and did not know if I would be comfortable bearing weight on that knee. But I was determined to get back to work ASAP, so ordered the Northrup model with extra padding. I did not have a problem with the knee replacement at all. Though I did not find it useful at home - small house, many levels, etc. it made me completely independent at work, around the office and out on the university campus -- we have very large buildings! I am 61, had no issues at all with using the knee walker, and the light weight made it easy to maneuver in and out of the car trunk. I absolutely could not have been up to capacity at work without the knee walker, but with it, I was up to speed. And it was fun, too. Kids loved it, strangers wanted to hear about it. I got a lot of smiles and commendations from people watching me wheel around. Though I had to suffer the nickname "Scooter" among my co-workers! I most heartily recommend the Knee Walker and this company!

0/5 5

So Worth It

After getting surgery on my foot, I was instructed to stay off of my foot for two months. After a week of being on crutches, Iíd had enough. It was terrible. I got sore spots under my arms and kept having moments where I nearly fell. So I put my crutches aside and started looking at knee walkers. I did my research and then went online shopping. I decided on the Norhtrup Knee Walker because of the reviews I had seen and the recommendation someone at my doctorís office gave me. I was impressed right away because it was very easy to put together AND it was really solid. This was surprising, as it is a lightweight walker but itís still a really well built walker. This walker is really great for tight spaces, so if youíre grocery shopping, itís no more difficult than pushing a cart through a crowded aisle. And the steering is awesome. Tight turns are much easier than I would have thought and the braking system was reliable and safe. All in all, from the design right down to the super comfy cushion, this walker far exceeded all of my expectations.

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